July 15, 2019 – A new global survey of digital consumers and merchants explores shipping’s growing role in e-commerce. BigCommerce released Shipping, Delivered: Best Practices & Expectations for 2019, a new research study that examines survey responses of nearly 3,000 digital consumers and 800 online merchants to understand the role that shipping plays in the consumer purchase journey and how brands are adjusting operations to meet shifting expectations. The study concludes that, while e-commerce and shipping have a symbiotic relationship, shipping is often an afterthought for online retailers. This is where Canaan Transport can provide value added services for both retailers and customers. For customers, brand’s shipping experience can carry just as much weight as the product it sells and how it is marketed to them. An alarming 77 per cent of global survey respondents have abandoned an online purchase due to unsatisfactory shipping options, while 58 per cent have actually stopped shopping with particular retailers altogether as a result of a negative shipping experience.