November 30, 2021 – The coastal areas of B.C. including Vancouver and Prince Rupert experienced high winds and rain in the past few days. CP has reopened one of its main lines and both CN and CP trains are operating on the restored lines to clear backlog with limited speed. CN reopened its line for short period of time over the past weekend however had to shut it down again because of the severe weather conditions. Due to continuing weather challenges, it is not clear at this moment when the repairs would be completed. Meanwhile, terminals in both Vancouver and Prince Rupert are congested, working at full capacity and dwell times are expected to increase with heavy volumes at terminals. We expect vessels operations to slow down due to lack of rail cars and terminals metering vessels discharge to terminal capacity. As the adverse weather conditions is expected to continue, we are monitoring the situation closely with CN and CP rails, all terminals in B.C. area and we will update once more information is available. Thank you for your attention and understanding on this matter. We will keep you posted of any further developments.