November 21, 2021 – The Vancouver gateway continues to experience disrupted rail and truck movement due to widespread flooding throughout the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is working with our supply chain partners including railways and terminals, and lead agencies at various levels of government. As with everyone involved in the response to this situation,the current priorities are public safety and facilitating essential services. The provincial state of emergency declared by the B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General remains in place. The state of emergency effective November 17 applies to the entire province of B.C. for an initial 14-day period and may be extended or rescinded as conditions require. The state of emergency enables federal, provincial and local governments to allocate resources and deliver a coordinated response to protect the public.

Rail operations: CN and CP crews and engineering teams continue to clear debris and undertake repairs to damaged infrastructure between Kamloops and Vancouver. Although significant progress has been made in restoring multiple rail sections, access to some impacted locations continues to be hampered by safety and logistical challenges. CP advised on Sunday night that, barring any unforeseen issues, rail lines could be restored by Tuesday evening.

Truck operations: Trucks are operating under normal conditions at all four container terminals.

Marine operations: Anchorage demand is high and nearing capacity across all vessel types. Anchorages are assigned in a manner that ensures fluidity across all ship types and maintains essential services. Vessels in port can be viewed on the home page of the PortVan eHub app by selecting “Vessels in Port.”

Intermittent openings of one highway route are allowing some commercial vehicles to transit westbound from Hope towards Vancouver. Reconstruction and repairs on all major roadways from the B.C. interior continue.