March 7, 2018 – Working with third-party consultants and seeking input from every Canadian logistics professional, the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) is developing a competency profile that will standardize the profession across the country. All professionals are invited to give their input in the current phase of the research. Once completed, the Canadian logistics professional competency profile will be an invaluable tool for individuals to assess themselves when planning for professional development and exploring the various career paths in industry. The profile will enable businesses to respond to ever-increasing organizational challenges, which demand new knowledge and skills from employees. And it will inform HR and management in advance their human capital strategies.

In addition to standardizing the profession across Canada, the competency profile will elevate it by clearly defining the aspects of a logistics professional’s work – the skills they need to be efficient, the knowledge they must possess and the different contexts and environments in which they work. Source: Canadian Shipper