June 1, 2020 – In a first for the industry, France’s leading logistics association, TLF, has surveyed its members and put a figure on the overheads they are incurring in protecting staff, company premises and equipment from COVID-19, underlining that the industry cannot shoulder the financial burden alone. The survey revealed that the average cost of providing individual protective equipment works out at €2.50 per employee per day. Overheads stemming from the implementation of measures to keep premises and equipment as safe as possible from the spread of the virus are estimated by TLF at €0.15 for every square metre of warehouse space. Companies are also suffering a 15% loss in productivity due to increased absenteeism and as they adapt processes for social distancing, modified working hours, staggered rest breaks and temporary suspensions of activities to disinfect premises. TLF noted that these overheads are in addition to the losses already incurred as a result of “the brutal shock of the crisis.” Canaan Transport has not raised any of its fees during the pandemic even though we share the concerns outlined in this study. We are cognizant that our customers are partners are also going through a period of adjustment and will continue to support you as we navigate this new path forward.