April 27, 2021 – Further to the strike declared by the CUPE 375 union, Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT , Section 62, Section 77) issued the following customer advisory:

Trucking service will remain closed until further notice. Note that, as commercial consideration to shippers and receivers, terminal storage on import and export storage will be suspended for the duration of the closures resulting from this strike. Given the uncertainty of the operational impacts this strike will have to MGT’s organization post-strike, priority loading updates will be closed until further notice, as will the rerouting of cargo from rail to truck for grounded units, only. For units that have not yet arrived, MGT strongly urges customers to make necessary routing corrections prior to vessel arrival. It also encourages customers to contact their shipping lines for information regarding MGT’s ERS program for containers moving by rail. Once operations resume, MGT will work with its partners to limit the duration of the impacts related to this strike.