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Our customers demand the very best in tracking and tracing technologies and we constantly deliver through our in-house and professionally managed solutions. From the latest technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), or a pro-active notification system, we are able to deliver all that you need.

Canaan Transport Group Incorporated. is a fully integrated, all inclusive transportation solution for all clients looking for freight forwarding, supply chain management, logistics, import/export transportation and business services.

With our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we are well positioned to handle all transport needs to and from Asia, Europe, the USA, South America and other global locations. For our customer’s convenience, we also have branch offices in Richmond and Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary, Alberta and Montreal, Quebec.

We are truly a transportation company that can provide every possible service that our customers would require to move their cargo.

Canaan Transport Group Incorporated – promising history

With professional licensed customs brokers at the helm and a number of staff following the latest in customs regulations worldwide, we are well versed in all current legislation.

Canaan Transport Group Incorporated has its roots dating back to 1981, when the late Paul Lo started Canaan Shipping Co. Ltd. to handle freight forwarding needs from Chinese customers who were looking to export from China. By building his Asian cargo connections, Paul was able to partner with large Asian trading companies who were purchasing forestry products to export from Canada. As the years went by, Paul also started Modern Terminal Ltd., a pre-eminent container facility station (CFS) which handled the loading and unloading of ocean containers.

In 2005, Canaan Transport Group Incorporated was awarded a license to transact business as a customs broker with Canada Customs / Canada Border Services Agency. This turned the customs clearance industry in Canada around as our entry spurred immediate gains in our business since customs clearance was a largely forgotten industry. By combining all operations under one banner, Canaan Transport Group Incorporated provides services second to none in Canada.

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