Since 1988, we have become one of the most well established and respected container freight stations in the Greater Vancouver area by offering an efficient and effective service at competitive prices.
Geographically, we are well positioned to all the container terminals in Vancouver with our own fleet of container tractors and chassis. On our 8 acre site, we can handle any type of commodity with our fleet of modern forklifts that range in size from 5,000 to 28,000 lbs. lifting capacity. We have both a covered warehouse and an open space arrangement to accommodate all types of cargo.

Canaan Transport Group Incorporated Warehousing and Trucking Solutions

Richmond Global Warehouse and Main Operations Centre

Conceptual image of international logistics, featuring a docker,Here is a quick introduction to our new facility that we custom built for your cargo. With our 30 bay cross dock loading facility, we can accommodate an endless supply of “Just In Time” cargo so that your goods are never left static. We provide the best and most reliable warehousing and trucking solutions possible.

Customs Related

We are licensed with the Canada Border Services Agency as a customs sufferance and customs bonded area (also known as a “duty free zone”). Goods located within our warehouse may be exempt from duties and taxes levied by the Canadian government for a period of up to four years. In addition, we are able to fully serve our valued clients in different industries as we have additional functionality that other warehouses are simply not equipped or educated to handle. We have our own separate high value/dangerous goods cage which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


With the various international and cross border security concerns, we have built our facility using the current security standards such as an 8 foot high outer fence, multiple day/night color security cameras that use digital recording technology, next generation key fobs for access control throughout the premises, hand print readers for all team members, and wired and wireless alarm applications to ensure protection against intrusion. Unfortunately, the details of these active and passive systems will need to remain confidential.

Client Commitment

Serving our clients takes on new meaning with the following features that distinguish us from other warehouse facilities:
A. all business and operations are located in the rear of the building, properly shielded to ensure client privacy
B. the customer reception is segregated from the truck driver entrance
C. meeting rooms have a direct view onto the loading dock on-site
D. video footage can be viewed from remotely and in real-time.

Trucker Focused

With 30 container and trailer loading bays including ample outside storage for rigs and chassis, we are one of the most sought after terminals in the cities of Vancouver and Richmond. In addition, we are one of the only facilities that employ three entrance/exit gates to facilitate fast movement. Our truck flow is optimized with our industry leading reverse U-turn concept.

With the recent licensing changes at the Port of Metro Vancouver, our company remains one of the only 3rd party logistics firms with a truck license that has been active since the beginning. You can be assured that our trucks meet the highest safety and environmentally sustainable regulations.

Employee Commitment

We owe our success to our strong employee base and this new facility keeps us safe and productive. We start with our state of the art kitchen where we continue to provide lunch to all our employees. Our entire site is graded and paved so that our forklift drivers can ride safely. Inside the warehouse itself, gas unit heaters are employed to ensure a comfortable environment.

Warehouse Flexibility

Inside the warehouse, we are able to accommodate and store extra heavy products (up to 500 lbs /ft2). As well, our inside clear height is 26 feet. This means that from door to door, we are able to move, store, rack and densify material up to 26 feet high wihtout problems. We employ multiple loading doors at or above grade including two mammoth doors that measure 25 feet wide by 16 feet high. We are one of the only logistics warehouse facilities in the province of British Columbia that has these doors.

Equipment Modernization

With any move into a new facility, equipment must inevitably be upgraded. That is why we continually upgrade our equipment. For example, we have recently added to our fleet additional Volvo tractor units, Toyota and Hyster material handling equipment, and specialized trailers and chassis of varying specifications.

If you would like a quotation on the movement of your cargo, please go to our Quote page.

Trucking and Road

Silver TrucksWhen you want to move something via ground, you need to look no further than our company.

When you book with us, we will coordinate the delivery of your goods from cradle to grave, even if it involves numerous connections, transshipments, or modes. Not only do we provide competitive rates, we will spend time and effort to follow up on your shipment each step of the way. Our value added services will include constant monitoring and tracking and we can also arrange for insurance coverage and unloading services once it reaches the destination.

Depending on the closest city to your destination or pick up point, one of our offices will coordinate all inbound/outbound shipments to ensure that all documentation and handling procedures are properly followed.

We can handle both LTL (less than truck load) or FTL (full truck load) shipments. When your shipment arrives via air or ocean, our company owned fleet of container tractors, chassis, and delivery vehicles are at your service.

Container Drayage

We are a licensed carrier with the Motor Carrier Branch of British Columbia and we are also bonded with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and are able to move deconsolidated shipments to bonded warehouses.

Our own fleet of container tractors coupled with the equipment supplied by our independent contractors allow us to offer container drayage to and from the various ports of British Columbia at reasonable rates. Throughout our three decades of existence as a carrier, we have not had loss of cargo. We also aim to be 100% on time when scheduling a delivery or pickup.

We have our own inventory of chassis that can be used at your disposal. Not only can we accommodate live loading/unloading, we are also flexible in leaving a container and chassis overnight for your convenience. Our chassis fleet include 20′ frames, 40′ tandems and 40′ and 45′ tridems.

Our delivery area spans across Canada as we have a number of partnerships with other trucking companies to provide such services. We can also arrange for trucking throughout North America.

We are also licensed to pick up and deliver containers at Port Metro Vancouver, currently one of only a handful of independent trucking companies with this privilege.

LTL Delivery Service

We have our own fleet of company vehicles to deliver small shipments that come in via air or ocean. For this service, we aim to be 100% on time when scheduling a delivery or pickup.

With our 30 bay cross dock loading facility, we can accommodate an endless supply of “Just In Time” cargo so that your goods are never left static. By emphasizing a quick turnaround time for all our cargo, we are ensuring that your money is not tied up in inventory. Our specialty is loading and unloading all types of products into and out of containers. We pioneered the methods used by many of our competitors today and although there are many facilities out there that offer the same services that we do, we have the advantage because of two things: our reputation and our flexibility.

Our reputation has been built on two decades of goodwill with our customers, many of whom are loyal customers that have been with us since the beginning.

Our flexibility allows us to work overtime, weekends and assist the customer in their shipment to the best of our ability. To us, the customer’s priorities are our priorities. To others, this may not be the case.

When you use our service, you will find professional staff that can provide not only the container loading and unloading service, but recommendations and advice on your cargo. With each container, we provide a computer generated load plan that details the contents of the container and other pertinent information.

If you have cargo coming out of other cities, please let us know because we have established relationships with other reputable operations across North America.

If you would like a quotation on the movement of your cargo, please go to our Quote page.

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We've been using anaan Transport Group Incorporated services for international shipments for a number of years. Besides having a reliable business partner we enjoy excellent service that makes us feel like a preferred client every time we interact. It's been a pleasure working with you and wishing you great business success!
Managing Director, Canadian affiliate of Global clothing and apparel manufacturer
We've been using Canaan Transport Group Incorporated for our specialized deliveries of hazardous materials. As a fellow competitor and co-loader, we required a partnership with a company that has enough experience both in delivery and cargo handling. Since we used Canaan Transport Group as our partner - we never looked back. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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We found Canaan Transport Group Incorporated on the list of authorized brokerage dealers located at the Canadian Border Services Agency website. Due to the sensitive nature of our shipments we were looking for a reliable partner and the accreditation provided was the best recommendation we could get. We have never had any issues with customs clearance and we would like to extend our gratitude to the professionals at Canaan Transport.
Owner and CEO, South Asian Food Importer
We deal with complicated routed deliveries and usually require different means of transportation, including warehouse stopovers. Canaan Transport Group Incorporated was an ideal solution for us due to the ability to combine Air, Ocean, Rail and Road Freight services with the extended Canaan warehouse infrastructure.
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We used to have a problem with other transportation companies in the past due to failed insurance obligations. Dealing with Canaan Transport Group Incorporated was a smooth ride and we've found an all-in-one solution for our various needs. We really appreciate the professional attitude and reliable partnership provided by Canaan Transport Group. Domo arigato gozaimazu!
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