Transpacific rates will rise in the coming year

November 23, 2020 – Shippers and carriers will enter next year’s transpacific contract negotiation season with capacity being a bigger concern than prices, as the experiences of this year influence contracts that will be signed for next year. “The key question for the next contracting season will be securing capacity,” said Philip Damas, director of Drewry Supply Chain Advisors. The events of this year, which had seen carriers respond to a perceived lack of demand with blanked sailings that had left shippers without space for their cargoes, would be the defining conditions for next year’s negotiations, he said.

Exports to UK and Europe may miss Christmas season

November 18, 2020 – UK container imports offloaded at Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge could be stranded for weeks before they can be relayed back, potentially missing out on the Christmas market. Ships diverted from the heavily congested hub ports of Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway have mostly discharged their UK imports at the Benelux ports, but now carriers are struggling with their relay options. Moreover, Antwerp and Rotterdam are reported to be “very full” across all of their box terminals, and carriers are now understood to be considering other options, such as Le Havre and Bremerhaven, that could see the delays extended well into next year.

Canaan Transport team members to take precautions for covid resurgence

November 15, 2020 – As covid cases continue to rise in Canada, Canaan Transport has taken steps to ensure our team member’s safety. As a result, some of our team members will be working remotely and replies may be delayed. Although there will always be someone at the office, we are taking steps to decrease the risks associated with travelling to and from the office/warehouse for our employees. We continue to plan and adapt to the changing situation and welcome the recent news on vaccine success.

Air Canada looks to create a freighter fleet

November 10, 2020 – Air Canada announced plans today to convert two 767 aircraft into all cargo freighters to ride the wave of cargo shipments in light of the covid-19 pandemic. Air Canada was the first airline to temporarily remove cabin seats to enable floor-loading of boxes. It now operates three Boeing 777s and four Airbus A330 without seats, doubling the available volume for each flight.

CBSA systems outage now resolved

November 8, 2020 – The CBSA system outage has now been resolved and operations are back to normal as per a late notice from the agency. We look forward to assisting our customers to recover from this long outage.

CBSA technical outage continues

November 7, 2020 – Unfortunately, the CBSA system is still experiencing technical problems. We have increased our weekend staffing team to ensure that our customers that have clearances over the weekend are properly supported. Please call us at 416.621.6800 if you have any urgent production issues.

CBSA releases official statement

November 6, 2020 – As detailed, the CBSA has been experiencing significant delays in trade-related data processing as of Tuesday afternoon. They have now indicated the issue is being caused by very high processing demand on CBSA IT systems related to specific recurring transactions in their systems. This has led to a severe backlog and much slower processing times for cross-border shipments. CBSA indicated the issue could have been caused by the combination of several updates and maintenance being performed on IT systems over the last few weeks, but the agency is still trying to identify the root cause of the issue and is working 24/7 to fix the problem as soon as possible. CBSA is hopeful that the issue will be fully resolved by sometime today. There have been rumours that the CBSA was a victim of a cyber-attack but we have no evidence at this time to support this.

CBSA issues have no end in sight

November 5, 2020 – There have been no updates on the ongoing CBSA issues and multiple requests for clarification have not been answered. For many of our customers, we have switched to paper clearance procedures at no additional cost as a result of this outage. If you have any issues with your clearance, please contact us immediately.

CBSA issues are continuing

November 4, 2020 – CBSA continues to experience technical issues. Our customers that have been affected have now been put onto our contingency plan to ensure smooth clearances.

CBSA experiencing intermittent IT issues

November 3, 2020 – CBSA has been experiencing intermittent IT Issues which have delayed customs releases across the country along all modes of transport. We will update this situation as it develops.