September 24, 2018 – In a precedent setting move, Tunisia has detained the ALEXANDER MAERSK at Sfax, Tunisia on Sep 10. The reason for the detention is the different claims cases in favour of Tunisian shippers who suffered losses in the container ship MAERSK HONAM major fire earlier this year. This incident may be quite a turn in a war between small shippers and shipping carriers, as the General Average clause makes small shippers suffer heavy losses, which often exceed cargo loss, with a near-zero chance of justice and compensation. This new tact at holding carriers accountable will be tested in this example. Canaan Transport continues to assist shippers and customers who were affected by the Maersk Honam disaster. In addition, although we did not have any customers with cargo on the Alexander Maersk, customers with plans to load cargo on this ship have now been informed that alternate arrangements will be made.