November 19, 2021 – The provincial state of emergency declared by the British Columbia Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General remains in place. The state of emergency effective November 17, 2021 applies to the entire province of B.C. for an initial 14-day period and may be extended or rescinded as conditions require. The state of emergency enables federal, provincial and local governments to allocate resources and deliver a coordinated response to protect the public. Evacuation orders for multiple communities remain in place in the flood stricken areas. CN and CP crews and engineering teams continue to clear debris and undertake repairs to damaged infrastructure between Kamloops and Vancouver. Although significant progress has been made in restoring multiple rail sections, access to some impacted locations continues to be hampered by safety and logistical challenges. CP advised that barring any unforeseen issues, rail lines could be restored mid-week. Rail operations will resume when it is safe to do so.