March 28, 2022 – Please see the following summary of the various port situations in China.

Shenzhen: All ports(Yantian, Shekou, Chiwan) are open. Off-dock yards in Yantian/Nansha/Shekou are re-opened. Some areas of Shenzhen resume work. Drivers still need to provide testing report in/out of the terminal which slow down the process of picking an returning the containers in that area. Dongguan was re-opened, but if the factories are in the closed areas in Huizhou, container loading is not possible. Overall, the situation is improving.

Shanghai: The whole Pudong district was shut down from 3/28 to 4/1 while Puxi will be shut down from 4/1 to 4/5 by Chinese government. So far, Ports are still open. The nucleic acid report cannot be released within 12hrs due to the surge of people are doing nucleic acid test at the same time which further reduces the trucking capacity. Container movement between Shanghai and nearby industrial areas in Jiangsu province are restricted. The situation is still developing, no re-opening schedule has been announced yet. Carriers are shifting more allocation to Ningbo port or the river ports on Yangtze River to fill up the ship.

Qingdao: Ports are open. Driver inter-city movement greatly constrained due to testing report requirements. There is 30% drop of trucking power. The whole city transportation process is slowing down.

Tianjin: Ports are open and port operation keeps normal. The COVID situation is severe, several areas are requested personnel nucleic acid test. Container movement around Cangzhou/Langfang/Bazhou/Tangshan are seriously restricted and waiting for further notice, most factories around these areas are locked down.