March 12, 2018 – Harsh weather conditions which are now affecting Canada have caused operational disruptions across the Canadian National Rail Network (CN), and affected Canaan Transport’s intermodal cargo flow through Canada in the North America region (eastbound and westbound).

The below provides an excerpt of the relevant information as was most recently communicated by CN in an advisory that could nevertheless be useful to Canaan’s customers on the effects of the occurrence:

Impact of Canada’s current extreme weather on Canaan’s cargo operations for intermodal customers

  • Reduction in train lengths, capacity and velocity across the entire CN rail network have collectively increased congestions at the ocean port terminals of Halifax, Prince Rupert and Vancouver.
  • The extended harsh weather conditions have also led to productivity implications on the availability of crew and locomotives, and created real structural issues on rail operations, i.e., difficulties to pump through the air brake system.

Spring Thaw – Weight restrictions

  • Spring Thaw weight restrictions are in effect for cargo to/from the Province of Quebec from February 26th, 2018 – May 25th, 2018.
  • Maximum Payloads during Spring Thaw 2018:
  • 21,760kgs / 48,000lbs / D20’
  • 23,800kgs / 52,500lbs / D40’
  • 22,800kgs / 50,400lbs / D45’

Customers are reminded to ensure they have appropriate permits / special equipment to dray any overweight unit from the rail ramp to their final delivery location.

Steer and Drive Weights Cannot Exceed
Front single axle 12,000 lbs
Tandem axle 34,100 lbs
Triple axle 46,300 lbs

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