March 18, 2018 – The Canadian Freight Forwarder’s Association (CIFFA), of which Canaan Transport Group Inc. is a member of, has been engaged, along with the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers and the Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters, in providing stakeholder input to the CBSA’s coming changes for ‘release time frames’ that will affect importers, brokers and forwarders. The Release Time Frames FAQ and Customs Notice will be published soon. However, the release time frames themselves won’t be changing until AFTER the eHBL/eManifest systems fixes are made and the eHBL portion of eManifest is mandatory.

As there is no concrete date for when the systems fixes will be made, the change to release time frames is unlikely to happen in 2018!

Forwarders will need to embrace the new eHBL Notices in order to be able to manage releases and arrange deliveries. In CIFFA’s opinion, the pending/new release time frames are not the ideal solution, but do level the playing field between types of cargo control numbers.