May 29, 2019 – The Québec Port Authority (QPA) announced yesterday the signing of a long-term commercial agreement with Hutchison Ports and CN (Canadian National Railway) to build and operate a new container terminal, known as project Laurentia (previously Beauport 2020). The $775 million project will be financed primarily through the joint investment of the three partners. The QPA is in discussions with the federal and provincial governments to complete the financing. The agreement stipulates that Hutchison Ports will build the most environmentally and technologically advanced cargo-handling facility in North America. It is a unique opportunity for the Port of Québec’s future container terminal to become one of the terminals with the smallest ecological footprint in the world. With the project reaching a pivotal milestone, the QPA unveiled the new brand image for its deepwater container terminal. In reference to the North American continent’s genesis, the project will henceforth be known as Laurentia, reflecting the continental reach and importance of the new container terminal on the Saint Lawrence. According to the press release, the Laurentia terminal will be the only facility on the St. Lawrence that can accommodate the new generations of very large ships. The project is currently under an environmental assessment process with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Canaan Transport will continue to monitor these developments.