July 11, 2021 – The Ministerial Order suspending rail service for 48 hours between Kamloops and Boston Bar, B.C. effective 00:01 PDT on July 9, 2021 ended at 00:01 PDT July 11, 2021. A new Ministerial Order has been issued by the Minister of Transport to enact precautionary safety measures to further protect against wildfires during extreme weather conditions. The order places operational restrictions on CN and CP rail lines routing between Kamloops and Boston Bar (Ashcroft Subdivision) and Kamloops and North Bend (Thompson Subdivision) when the fire hazard rating is listed as "extreme." Restrictions include reduced speed limits and fire mitigation measures. Additionally, the order requires risk mitigation action by all Class 1 railways throughout Canada when the air temperature is 30°C or above and the fire hazard level is listed as "extreme." The Ministerial Order took effect at 00:01 PDT on July 11, 2021 and will remain in effect until October 31, 2021. Anchorage demand at the Port of Vancouver continues to be high and nearing capacity. Anchorage assignments are made to ensure fluidity across all ship types and essential services.