September 4, 2018 – First agreement negotiations between GCT Canada, which operates two container terminals in Port of Vancouver, and ILWU 502 representing planners and planning assistants, “have ended with significant gaps remaining between the parties. As such, ILWU 502 issued strike notice on September 3, 2018.” GCT Canada said it was committed to working with ILWU Local 502 to negotiate the first collective agreement for its Planners in order to continue an effective working relationship and ongoing operational stability.

Global Container Terminals has advised as follows:

“If the Planners and Assistant Planners commence a strike, as they have notified GCT and the Federal Minister of Labour that they will, on September 7th at 0001, GCT Canada will have no option but to suspend all of its terminal operations in GCT Deltaport and GCT Vanterm due to the essential nature of this function. This would have a direct impact on all parties who rely on our terminal services to get their products to different international markets.

As a result, GCT has commenced the necessary planning and will work closely with our customers, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, and stakeholders for safe and efficient shut down of our Vancouver terminal operations.”

CIFFA, of which Canaan Transport is a member, has written a letter to the federal government urging that it “use all the tools at its disposal in bringing negotiations to a successful and rapid conclusion, whether through mediation, binding arbitration or any other means.”

The letter was sent today to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of International Trade, and the Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility.

This situation could change quickly and the association will endeavour to keep our customers advised as information becomes available.