December 13, 2020 – For our customers that have containers on board the ONE APUS, please see this notification from the vessel owner:

MV ONE APUS 006E/W Further to our Customer Advisory dated December 8, 2020, we would like to inform you that operations for the safe removal of the remaining containers on deck have started after permission to proceed was granted by the Japanese Coast Guard.

The ship remains safely berthed in the Port of Kobe after losing estimated 1,816 containers overboard when it encountered severe weather on Monday, November 30, 2020. The careful removal of the dislodged units under a schedule formulated by stowage planners is expected to take over a month with safety the number one priority. Once unloaded, each will be assessed, and when the discharge of cargo is complete, there will be a full assessment of damage to the vessel and subsequent repairs.

A thorough investigation is being conducted into this incident in conjunction with the Flag State and the relevant maritime authorities. As the discharge operation and investigation are expected to take some time, further updates will only be provided on an as-needed basis. We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding in this regard.